Russian Festival Matryoshka 2010

Ksusha S. (#1)


Hi, my name is Ksusha.

I was born in Siberia. My family moved to Volgograd city leaving behind 50ºC winters. My first life memory is from 3 years old in a Pokrovka country. That’s when I learned how to press a memory REC button in my head. I wish I turned it ON earlier…I would describe you how I mumbled my first “mama” and how I felt when I did my first step. But well.

I started dancing at the age of 4. By the time I finished 8th grade I was performing all over Russia. Also went on tours to Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Tunisia. Since that young age I fell in Love with Stage.

My first best friend was Sasha - spoiled trouble maker with dark curly hair. His every joke made me laugh, and his family treated me like daughter. We went shopping for pair of Denim together, and spend warm summer evenings playing soccer.

Time passed. Society made it clear to me that I cant always be a Tum boy. With a tremendous love to guns, cars, boys, their humor and company, I had no choice than engaging in a World of women- World of beauty, bras, lipsticks, envies, chocolate, dresses, heals and games.

The first happiest moment happened when I was 4. I had a baby sister. Since that August I realized that there is love stronger than loving life.

Parents got divorced when I was 7. My dad disappeared, and a new little family was born. With a “broom dance” tradition, threeo kiss, girls talks and dancing in front of mirror. There was nothing stronger than 3 of us.  At the age of 16 I started working as a journalist in two local newspapers (“Young, Fresh Decision” and “Business News”). Sitting all night long writing articles made me feel great. I was hungry and excited for journalism like pretty much for everything I do in life.

Time Passed. My mother’s romance grew into a new Love and later into a Second Marriage. I got to have a Father again!

By 18 I successfully finished high school with a straight A certificate and was ready to continue my life in a small Province by Volga river. However, my Step Father got me ticket to Canada and opportunity to learn life on my own. I moved to Toronto 4 years ago to study at Ryerson University.

I thank God every day for giving me the Life I Live, my family and amazing people around me.

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