Russian Festival Matryoshka 2010

Oksana P. (#3)


Hi, my name is Oksana.

I'm 16. I'm from Doneck, Ukraine and i have been to Canada almost 2 now. I am a student at Northwiev high school. I loooove modeling alot, that is why i decided to participate in Miss Matryoshka contest... I also like dancing, traveling and spending free time in a good company of my friends. I am a very dreamy person and creative individual. What my plans for the future? I'm planing to go to Ryerson University on the fashion communication program and start my future from there... My biggest dream is to become a main editor of Vogue magazine :) I am pretty sure that one day this dream will definitely come true...

I am a self strong and confident person and i believe that these sides of my character will help me to show my self from the best perspective to you guys, and will help to win the Miss Matryoshka 2010 contest!

thnx everyone for votes :)

Vote for Oksana P. for Miss Find out if she won by attending Russian Festival Matryoshka 2010 on Sunday, August 22nd at Canada's Wonderland. Purchase tickets.

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