Festival Matryoshka 2008

Miss Matryoshka Beauty Pageant 2008

Miss Matryoshka 2008 winner Vladislava Verevko (Vlada V) Miss Matryoshka 2006 winner Niki Yampolsky (Niki Y)

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A New Twist:

When Matryoshka LTD. set out to create a beauty pageant the goal was to create a unique and creative competition that takes pageants to a new level of entertainment. Over the last 5 years, Miss Matryoshka has quickly become one of the staples of Festival Matryoshka, attracting dozens of beautiful ladies to participate and thousands to cheer them on at Canada’s Wonderland.

It’s now time to shake up the tried and true beauty pageant formula once again!

Participating Just Got Easier:

For the first time, Miss Matryoshka doesn’t have an admission price or any associated fees! If you are between 16 and 27, just attend Festival Matryoshka 2008, bring a swimsuit for the bikini round later in the evening, and when the announcement is made go up on the stage to start participating in the first elimination round! Further instructions and training will be provided on location to the contestants that pass the elimination round.

It couldn’t get any easier!

New Competition Rounds:

The new Miss Matryoshka will feature completely new, exciting and more interactive competition rounds! The new competitions will require contestants to interact more with the audience, and in return the public will have more to say over who wins the competition at the end of the evening.

Having the “looks” is just the start: the contestants will have to show creativity, courage and whit to win. For the first time, two of the competitions will not involve the official judges and it will be completely up to the girls and the audience to progress further!

What are the new competitions? You’ll have to find out by attending Festival Matryoshka 2008!


  • Attend Matryoshka,
  • Bring a swimsuit for the swimsuit competition,
  • Go on stage when the announcement is made,
  • Follow the instructions from the hosts and organizers,
  • Have fun!

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